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Bionics Color Touch Monthly Color Lens 2pcs (Buy 2 Free Solution)

RM 35.00

Bionics Color Touch brings you comfort and stunning look from the depth of your eyes.

Material: HEMA / Diameter: 14.2mm / Base Curve: 8.6 / Thickness: [email protected]
Power range: Plano;
-0.50 to -5.50 (0.25/step) / -6.00 to -15.00 (-0.50/step) / +0.50 to +3.00
Colors: Platinum Gray, Pure Hazel, Mocha, Honey, Gray Mystic, Hazel Wish, Chestnut Brown, Blueberry, Violet Vivid,
Aquamarine, Greenery, Black Secret, Brown Secret, Brown II, Gray II

You may check and see the color effect through the below website address.
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