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BIONICS Color Touch HI-Rx Power Monthly Disposable Color Lens (Buy 2 FREE Solution)

RM 45.00

BIONICS Color Touch (RX) keeps you look flawlessly stunning with high power range.
Key Features:
**Power up to -15.00, the only Brand in the Market which has High and Plus power range.
**Sandwich Design

Material: HEMA / Diameter: 14.2mm / Base Curve: 8.6 / Power: -8.50 to -15.00 (0.50/step) +0.25 to +3.00 (0.25/step)
Colors: Gray Mystic, Hazel Wish, Chestnut Brown, Blueberry, Violet Vivid, Aquamarine, Greenery, Black Secret, Brown Secret, Brown II, Gray II

Website: Facebook: BIONICS Youtube: BionicsMY
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